Q Atlântico – Credit fund

Q Atlântico – Credit Fund invests in credits with very low risk helping companies to anticipate income of already signed contracts.

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    Q Atlântico – Credit Fund has the purpose to purchase guaranteed credits, arising from contracts already signed with accredited entities and which represent a very low risk profile. Among the investment targets, sponsorship contracts with guaranteed revenue in advance represent a good opportunity. 

    Through its investments, Q Atlântico – Credit Fund will anticipate income of medium-term contracts with a low risk profile, supporting and financing several entities. A result of a work supported by four strategic principles:

    1. Capital preservation;
    2. Invest with a low risk tolerance;
    3. Seek stable revenues;
    4. Ensure clear and predictable investment exits.
    Geography Focus: PORTUGAL
    Target Fund Size: €150 M
    Areas of activity:
    Fund Lifecycle:
    10 Years
    annual Return:

    Our focus and goals

    • Support the economy and private projects by anticipating revenues and granting loans directly to borrowers;
    • Participation in credit granting consortia and in the acquisition of loan credits originated by banks or other entities, through the assignment of credits.

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