Quadrantis’ FCR BlackBull is an investment fund which seeks risk adjusted opportunities aligned with an asset allocation profile targeting high profitability and early returns, through diversified investments in commercial real-estate and hospitality.

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    Blackbull Fund was designed in partnership with StableCore, a major expert in the Real Estate markets in Portugal, which sits as specialized advisors in its Advisory Board. This fund presents a diversified portfolio with a balanced risk profile, through “speed to income” investment philosophy.

    With a diversified portfolio investment structure, no single investment >33% of the portfolio ensuring compliance at end of investment period. Also, mixed asset categories with different risk and maturity profiles, represents lowers risk investment profile.

      Geography Focus: PORTUGAL
    Target Fund Size: €35 M
    Areas of activity:
    Commercial real estate and hospitality
    Fund Lifecycle:
    8 Years
    Total Return:
    8% p.a., after deducing Performance Fee

    our goals

    Up to 35% of the fund’s asset allocation will have the objective to incorporate the following investment guidelines:

    • Properties with intrinsic “up side” through conversion /capex and/or active asset management;
    • Properties with monetized profile for divestment purposes;
    • Listed real estate investment trust;
    • Properties leased (secured with bank guarantees or futures revenues and agreed put/call option: exit through asset buy back at maturity).

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