Real Estate

In parallel, we have launched 3 Funds in the Real Estate segment, focused on Golden Visa Investors, each with a different set of Top Expert Advisors and sub-market segments and strategies.

Quadrantis Innovation Fund

Invista com visão de futuro no QuadrantisInnovation Fund II Beneficie de incentivos fiscais SIFIDE II e alavanque o seu negócio QUADRANTS INNOVATIONS FUND O Quadrantis Innovation Fund II é um fundo de capital de risco especializado no investimento em empresas com excelente performance financeira e fortemente inovadoras e diferenciadas, previamente certificadas pela ANI (Agência Nacional

Portugal Opportunities Fund (POF)

POF is a Venture Capital Investment Fund focused on Real Estate Opportunities, targeting highly attractive, high-end projects and opportunities with a medium risk/ return investment strategy.

New Edge

Quadrantis New Edge Fund is a VC investment fund focused, mainly, on Premium Real Estate and other asset-based Opportunities. 


Quadrantis’ FCR BlackBull is an investment fund which seeks risk adjusted opportunities aligned with an asset allocation profile targeting high profitability and early returns, through diversified investments in commercial real-estate and hospitality.

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