Paulo Magro da Luz


Main Expertise

Consulting and ICT | Innovation & Solution creation @ top tier  international environments

Paulo is a leading expert in the ICT sector with 25+ years of experience supporting Tier 1 clients worldwide and developing innovative solutions & products. He has a deep knowledge, mainly, of the energy & utilities, financial and public sectors and inroads into general management and public service.
  • Consulting, Innovation, Process Reengineering & Change Management projects, involving various areas in Energy & Utilities, Banking – Retail, Investment, Capital Markets – and Public Sector;
  • Extensive experience in Management of Transformation Programmes involving IT Outsourcing and/or BPO Contracts/Services for big Clients;
  • Extensive experience in ICT projects and product development in major areas of Utilities. Banking, and Public Sector.
  • Led several Expert teams, specialized in areas like Smartmetering, Renewables Management Systems, Asset Management, Commercial Systems for Utilities, UX Design, Digital Transform, etc.
  • Led teams working in several innovation areas and worldwide software solutions like smartgrids, network optimization, geo-localized services, service-design labs, etc.
  • Member of the Global Council for Energy & Utilities of Logica/CGI 2009/2017, contributing to knowledge-base and papers around themes like Energy Markets trends, Distributed Networks challenges, Consumer behavior trends in Energy, etc.
  • Paulo holds an Engineering degree from IST, Lisboa and an MBA in Finance from U Católica Portuguesa, Lisboa