Paulo Caetano

Founder & Managing Partner

Main Expertise

Private Equity | Venture Capital & Business Angel | Entrepreneurship

Paulo has a strong investment track-record, having been in the Investment and VC area for 30 years. A wide national and international experience, combining VC, M&A and Infrastructures Funds, with a dive into the Business Angel role in the last 6/7 years.

  • Paulo has been in the Investment and VC area for 30 years, based in Portugal with international reach.
  • He was involved in the launching, 30 years ago, of the early public VC players in Portugal – namely Unirisco, the entity that gave rise to current Portugal Ventures;
  • Has managed VC & Infrastructure Funds of around 195M€ AUM, over full life, with successful results.
  • Has been involved in Private Equity and M&A Operations of around 280M€ AUM, mainly on the Energy & Environment area.
  • In the last 6/7 years, he has established an independent position as Business Angel and Venture Investor, having invested in numerous ideas and start-ups. In parallel, he has served as Mentor/Advisor in Incub/Acellerators such as BGI [], and serves every year as Juri/Panel Member in numerous Start-up evaluation Panels [See Annex]
  • He has been a very active member of the industry:Member of the Portuguese Venture Capital Association for 20 years, where he was President and currently continues as one of the Board Members.
  • Sat on various EVCA (today, InvestEurope) commitees, namely: Legal & Regulatory Committee, Tax Committee, Representative Group.
  • Founder of FNABA – National Federation of Business Angels Associations.
  • Involved in all major discussions and workgroups for the design and recurrent upgrade of Venture Capital legislation in Portugal. Member of the Government-led working group “Capitalizar” that studied the major political issue of how to leverage the (too small) size of Portuguese Co’s. and defined the Macro Plan to address this [].
  • Paulo holds an Engineering degree form IST, Lisboa and an MBA from U Católica Portuguesa, Lisboa