About Us

Who we are

Quadrantis is a Portuguese venture capital management company,  that started operating in 2018, that promotes sustainable investments capitalizing on the strong track record of its team, focused in generating value for its stakeholders


Extensive executive management experience within tier-1 private and public companies in markets such as venture capital, energy, water, banking, telecom’s, consulting and distribution.

International Experience

Quadrantis team has led projects not only in Portugal but within the EMEA region, Asia and South America, leading and managing international investments and multicultural teams.

Policy Makers

Active role within national and international associations such as APRCI and InvestEurope (Portuguese and European VC Association).

+ € 200 mm

Funds managed directly by Quadrantis Partners in previous Co’s and Funds such as Fomentinvest, mco2, Luso Carbon Fund, New Energy Fund and Floresta Atlântica.


Average returns of previous funds under direct management by members of the Executive Management team.

+ 30 years

​Extensive experience within the venture capital market and key institutions such as Fomentinveste, JP Morgan, among others.

We target markets where our experience and in-depth knowledge allow us to deliver value-added returns to our stakeholders

What we invest in

SME in early stages of maturity that present:

1. Recurring revenue, compelling unit economics;

2. High business relevance solutions or models;

3. Scaling and internationalization potential.

In which markets

In growing markets, focused on disruptive high-potential ideias & opportunities, within the areas of expertise of our (extended) team;

Our aim is to add not only capital, but also management know-how and networking capabilities that can leverage growth and returns, within the investment target timeframes.

In what terms

We invest in active positions that enable us to drive investments, helping the founders to grow; We look for creative, fiercely committed teams with disruptive ideas;

We ensure full transparency and continued hands-on and very experienced support; We invest in opportunities with clear exit strategies, leveraged through our network and proactive management.

Track record

A proven track-record in Investment Management, by having created, managed and delivered several Sector Funds (AUM>200M€) “on” or “above” target returns and establishing various entrepreneurship ventures, as BA’s.

Experience as Venture Capitalists

Paulo Caetano has led MCO2, an international investment company, and three of its investment funds: Luso Carbon, New Energy and Floresta Atlântica with a total AUM of 195M€;

Experience in M&A

Paulo Caetano has accumulated a vast experience in the Sustainability and Energy & Utilities industry, with: Over 200M€ in M&A activity in sustainable areas; Generated exits with multipliers up to 3x.

Experience as Business Angels

Paulo Caetano and João Henriques have developed throughout the last 10 years a significant experience as entrepreneurs, both in their own ventures and as BA’s, managing: Around 16M€ in Venture Investments (paid-in); Generated some exits with multipliers from 3.6x to 24x.

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